World Championship 2019 | Orchestral Theme – League of Legends

The 2019 League of Legends World Championship begins October 2nd

When does the 2019 Ranked season end?

The Summoner’s Rift 2019 Ranked Season will end on November 19th. This could change if something weird happens; we’ll let you know if it does.


Hello, when URF?


When URF indeed. We aren’t quite ready to say the exact patch, but you can expect ARURF in some form by the end of this year, with some minor adjustments we think you’ll like.

PS. Do you remember when URF started as an April Fool’s Day joke? What a journey it’s been. 


When will TFT get some type of match history?

Very soon! We’re testing our first version for TFT match history on PBE right now, and if everything goes smoothly, it’ll go live in patch 9.19. After it’s live, we’ll be looking to make improvements. Look for updates and a more fleshed out version a few patches later.


Will there be any rewards for TFT Ranked?

Yup! Actually, we’re starting to figure out ranked rewards for TFT. We don’t have specifics to share—yet—but we have some goals we want to hit, regardless of what we end up doing.

We think ranked rewards should be about your journey and accomplishments over the season. Whatever we give out should have deeper meaning for competitive players, so we want to avoid generic rewards like XP or Blue Essence. Lastly, we think rewards should have a social component—something you can show off or something that other players see regularly. After all, at the end of the day, you’re just trying to get to a higher rank than your friends… right?


Any updates on Clash?

In May, we shared a list of what we’d need to do to relaunch Clash globally. Here’s an update on our progress… 

  1. Redesign: Done!
  2. More Internal Testing: Done!
  3. Regional Testing: This is where we’re at now, and it’s going well. We’ve run three regional tests using the new Clash model in Turkey, LATAM South, and NA. So far we’ve only run into minor issues, so we’re gonna keep moving forward. We’re tentatively planning to hit the rest of Riot regions over the course of a couple weekends between now and mid-October, but our schedule could definitely change depending on how things go.
  4. Global Beta: Once all of the regional tests run smoothly, we’ll run a bigger beta across multiple regions simultaneously. We’re currently hoping to do this at the end of this year or early next year.
  5. Launch: Once we complete a successful global beta—and see the new system works to scale and across all regions—Clash will be ready for prime time. Date is TBD.

We’ll keep ya updated as we continue to make progress on the milestones above.


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