The Brazilian Red Canids Corinthians has recently announced two South-Korean reinforcements as part of their roster for 2018; The jungler Park “Winged” Tae-jin (Hangeul, 박태진) and the Mid Laner Kim “Sky” Haneul (Hangeul, 김하늘) were both announced by the Brazilian Team.

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Winged is well known in the Brazilian scenario as he played in Brazil for Keyd Stars during the regular season in 2014.

Keyd placed first in the regular season and made it to the finals where they beat PaiN Gaming 3-2 to win the tournament. Keyd has also qualified for the 2014 Season Brazil Regional Finals, however, they lost 2-0 in the semifinals to KaBuM! e-Sports. A week later, Winged left Keyd Stars. (Source)

On the other hand, Sky is a new face in the Brazilian scenario, he played on LCK for CJ Entus throughout the 2016 season.  “Sky” was also announced by SKT T1  as the substitute for Lee “Faker” Sang-Heyok, although he didn’t play a single game for SKT, he is still considered one of the biggest hirings for the scenario.

Red Canids Corinthians still did not announce their full roster for this season, and according to them, the entire roster will count on with 10 players.

Red Canids Corinthians’ Roster so far:

[BR] Pedro “LEP” Marcari (Top Laner)
[BR] Carlos “Nappon” Rucker (Jungler) – contact ended 2017-11-20
[KR] Park “Winged” Tae-jin (Jungler)
[EU] Francisco “Xico” Antunes (Mid Laner)
[KR] Kim “Sky” Ha-Neul (Mid Laner)
[BR] Jefferson “SoulDevourer” de Aguiar (AD Carry)
[BR] Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi (AD Carry) – contract ended 2017-11-20
[EU] Hugo “Dioud” Padioleau (Support) – contract ended 2017-11-20
[BR] Victor “cabuloso” Oliveira (Support)

[KR]Lee “Icarus” In-Cheol (Head Coach)
[EU]Ram “Brokenshard” Djemal (Coach)


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