Greetings Summoners!

After five weeks of the Summer split there have been some suprises, some upsets in the standings, both in the NA and EU LCS. In this article we will make a short summary of every team, in two parts. In EU LCS is every team awarded 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw in a Bo2 match.

      1. G2 Esports (20pts)

        In their first 10 games G2 Esports didn’t drop a single match in the EU LCS. They had 5 wins and 5 draws so far. After a dissapointing MSI, they did a midweek roster change, swapped in Expekt for Kikis and things are not looking bad. Perkz is not performing like he did in the Spring Split and their jungler Trick lost a bit of early game pressure. Their botlane duo Zven and Mithy is looking good. Predicted place: 1st-2nd.
      2. Fnatic(17pts)

        Fnatic acquiring Yellowstar back looking finally good. They have 5 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. Gamsu has his shiny moments, Spirit is getting better, Febiven looses his shine in some games occasionally this split. Rekkless looks still awesome and Yellowstar performs much better than in TSM. Predicted place: 2nd-1st.
      3. H2k Gaming (14pts)

        H2k Gaming won 3 games, had 6 draws and lost only 1 match. Everybody was sad that Forgiven left but was impressed that they H2k got Freeze as a new ADC. Suprisingly, this is the first split that Freeze isn’t looking good since his days in the Copenhagen Wolves and they don’t perform like they fully could but they are still 3rd right now. Odoamne is still solid and Ryu makes a mistake in some games. Jankos and Vander look like they did even in the Roccat days. Predicted place: 3rd.
      4. Splyce (14pts)

        Splyce are performing suprisingly good this split. Looks like YamatoCannon got the team to improve very fast. They have the same roster from the spring split and won 3 games, 5 draws and 2 losses. Their whole team looks like the same players from the spring but somewhat improved. They do have so much draws because they always somehow succeed to snatch one game in every Bo2. I am very intersted to see how will they race to the finish of the split. Predicted place: 4th-6th.
      1. Schalke 04 (14pts)

        Schalke 04 has the same score as the 4th-placed Splyce. Steve looks so much better, Gillius makes some godlike and bronzelike plays in only one game. Fox looks good on assassins when he can snowball a game. Their botlane, MrRalleZ and sprattel look like a middle of the pack bot. They look like a solid playoff team right now. Predicted place: 5th-4th.

Tomorrow part 2!

Good luck and have fun on the fields of Justice!

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