Greetings Summoners!

After five weeks of the Summer split there have been some suprises, some upsets in the standings, both in the NA and EU LCS. Let’s first focus on the NA LCS.

      1. Team SoloMid (10-0)
        TSM looks very confident and amazing this split. With their new added support Biofrost they haven’t dropped a single series in five weeks. The whole team works like a well oiled machine. Maybe it’s because all of them are mechanically gifted, maybe they needed one split to mesh together, maybe it’s because of the “magically” eSports psychologist Weldon Green. We are not sure what is causing TSM’s awesome performance but they definitely look like the #1 top contender for the Summer Split.
      2. Immortals (9-1)
        Immortals dropped only one game this split, of course it was to TSM. Their roster remained the same after Spring split and they look great together, but the Immortals fans are concerned about Hunis performance this split. He made couple of laning mistakes at the beginning of this split and that could have cost Immortals some wins if Reignover and Pobelter didn’t step up. Their botlane looks as amazing as last split with “cheese” support picks from Adrian like Soraka, Janna. They look like the only team right now (besides Cloud 9) that could challenge TSM.
      3. Cloud9 (6-4)
        Same old, same old Cloud9. They actually look alot better now without the shotcalling god Hai but everyone knows this is not Cloud9’s full potential. Their new assigned coach Reapered is still meshing with the team and it’s looking good but they still have room for improvement. Impact looks solid, Meteos is a high risk-high reward jungler, Jensen is still slightly improving, Sneaky looks consistent and the support swap-duo Bunny FuFuu and Smoothie get the same playing time. Some C9 fans are not happy with this strategy, changing the support every game as it may affect the bot lane synergy with Sneaky. Thus far, C9 dropped four games and sometimes they play like gods and sometimes they  play like headless chickens waiting for “the Holy Hai” to come to save them.
      4. Team Liquid (6-4)
        Team Liquid looks very interesting this split. Almost every player had his up and downs. The biggest suprise of course is the recent subbing of their Challenger Team ADC Fabbbyyyy for Piglet. Lourlo looks strong on carry champions like Fiora and Irelia so we might see him pick more of these in the future. “The new trashtalk god” Dardoch plays consistently every game on champions like Rek’Sai. Fenix is the type of player that goes 10-0 in one game but in the next game he goes like 0-5 and proceeds to loose the game. Fabbbyy actually looks very solid for his rookie split in the LCS and people still consider Matt a Bard one trick pony. Team Liquid really looks like a top four team at the moment, the strongest enemys for Team Liquid right now are C9 and Team EnVyUs.
      5. Team EnVyUs (6-4)
        Maybe the biggest suprise of this split (not counting CLG’s downfall), Team NV definitely deserved their 5th place after half of the summer split. They have a nice top-mid duo synergy in Seraph and Ninja who played together even before this team was formed. Also their jungler Procxin has his shiny moments from game to game. The biggest concern is definitely their botlane, LOD and Hakuho. They often lost the early game which proceeded the enemy team to snowball the game. If these two guys would step up and play better Team NV could maybe snatch that 4th or maybe even 3rd spot (if they go beast-mode).

Tomorrow part 2 and after that comes the EU LCS. Stay tuned!

Good luck and have fun on the fields of Justice!



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