Small town champion, big city dreams.

League of Legends is having one of its best years as long as champion releases go. Riot Games has already introduced three champions so far, Sett, Yone, and Lillia. Though the recent leaks regarding the next champions of 2020 mainly revolve around Samira, Riot has been dropping subtle hints for one more champion, Seraphine.

Unlike other champions that became a part of the gigantic roster through the years, it’s almost impossible to find Seraphine’s traces in League’s lore. This could change in the future since Riot hasn’t officially announced the champion.

Even though Seraphine’s background is foggy for now when it comes to her relations and interactions with other champions, we still know quite a bit about her thanks to her social media presence.

Who is Seraphine?

According to her Twitter and Instagram bios, Seraphine is an aspiring songwriter/producer that currently resides in Los Angeles and who has big dreams. Seraphine mostly tweets and shares posts like a regular person. She retweets inspirational quotes, shares her cover songs, and posts many pictures of her cat.

While it’s impossible to draw a character map based on her posts, some of her tweets actually tell a lot about her when observed carefully. Seraphine recently shared her version of K/DA’s hit song “POP/STARS,” she’s a big fan of the group, and the chances are she’ll be the newest addition to the band.

It’s also quite possible Seraphine has a Chinese origin. She sometimes tweets in Mandarin, and she recently shared a screenshot of a conversation between her and his dad in which her dad responded in Mandarin.

There have been some League Easter eggs buried in her pictures as well. Fans located Tibbers, Annie’s trusty companion, plushy in one of her photos. Though this hardly means anything by itself, it could potentially be a teaser of a dialogue that Seraphine has with Annie.

As far as her League status goes, she’s most likely a mage and a sensational one at that.

What are Seraphine’s abilities?

While we know a lot about Seraphine’s personalities, there hasn’t been any mention of her ability kit. A kit suitable for a mage should be in order with long-range spells, and the “professional-feeling catcher” in her bio could also be a slight hint at her skills.

Her kit allowing Seraphine to control other champions’ feelings and bend them to her will could certainly give a lot more meaning to her “sensational mage” title.

When does Seraphine release on live servers?

The exact date of Seraphine’s arrival is currently a mystery. Samira will probably release before her, but the information regarding her release date is also quite limited at this time. Samira can hit the live servers as early as the patch 10.19, which is scheduled to drop on Sept. 16.

If we assume Riot follows a similar pattern as it did with Lillia and Yone, Seraphine could potentially become available with patch 10.20 or 10.21, which are planned to go live on Sep. 30 and Oct. 14, respectively.

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