The Prodigal Explorer will be joining the PsyOps skin line.

Ezreal is set to take over as the champion with the most skins in League of Legends after sitting behind Miss Fortune since the release of last year’s Bewitching skin.

Riot Games unveiled a new skin line called PsyOps yesterday, which is the developer’s futuristic take on a secret agent group in Runeterra. Ezreal will be joined by Master Yi, Shen, Vi, and Sona as the five champions to get PsyOps skins.

Although Sona will be getting the legendary skin treatment this time around, Ezreal has the honors of earning the Prestige Edition version for himself. As a result, he’s technically getting two new skins instead of just one.

The Prodigal Explorer last received a skin in May 2019 when Riot dropped the Battle Academia skin line. Battle Academia Ezreal was a legendary-tier cosmetic with new voice lines, animations, and sound and visual effects. Many people complain that he gets too many skins, but as one of the most popular champions in the game, it makes sense why Riot would continuously create cosmetics for him.

There are still several champions, however, that have gone without a skin for over 1,000 days, like Azir, Elise, Viktor, and Kalista. Skarner is the saddest of the bunch, though. The poor Crystal Vanguard last got a skin in 2015. It’s been 1,928 days since Guardian of the Sands Skarner hit the live servers.

Riot did say that it’s going to release over 120 skins in 2020, with multiple forgotten champions getting some love in the coming months. Skarner mains are likely hoping their favorite champ will get a cosmetic that they can proudly wear on Summoner’s Rift.

It’s unclear when the new PsyOps skins will be playable on League’s live servers.

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