Faker Killer Pawn
Faker Killer Pawn


“I’m sorry to say hello so late.

I’m sorry for the players, fans and coaches who trusted me in 2019.

All I have to say is I’m sorry.

The reason why I took a break is because of my obsessive compulsive disorder.

From 2018, I couldn’t play games at all if I couldn’t set up my computer very accurately.

I thought about retiring because it didn’t work even if I went to a psychiatric hospital. And I played more during the last Worlds and I thought it was okay so I played in Kingzone. I could do it without any problems during the spring season.

But I didn’t know that I would suddenly become obsessive about setting another way in Summer season.

I’m sorry for disappointing my fans to the team.

I don’t think I can do pro anymore.

Thank you to all the fans who’ve been supporting me.”

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