These skins perfectly incorporate features from both games.

Fall Guys has inspired hundreds of different renditions of the “Fall Guy” since the game’s release earlier this month. And one artist named vmat shared their League of Legends-inspired Fall Guys custom art on Twitter last night.

The three skins in the image are inspired by separate League champions. The first is a Nunu skin that sees the Fall Guy wear Willump as a suit while Nunu stays attached on top of the character’s head. The outfit also has two more arms than what we normally see on the skins currently available in the game.

The second is designed like Gnar, one of the most popular Yordle champions in League. This skin looks the most like something you’d see inside Fall Guys with the player wearing Gnar’s head and torso as the upper skin and his legs and tail as the bottom half. The look comes complete with the skull on top of Gnar’s head, just like in League.

The final fan-made cosmetic is obviously Veigar. Fit with the champion’s iconic purple robe and hat, there’s no mistaking what inspired this creation.

Vmat joins many artists in creating skins adapted around Fall Guys’ simple figure. Due to the simple designs of the characters in the game, creating skins inspired by popular source material could be something we see added to the title in the future.

Fall Guys is in the process of auctioning off a custom skin that will be made for the winning brand and added to the game with all proceeds going to charity. Although we might not see these fan-made skins in Fall Guys anytime soon, League fans probably wouldn’t be opposed to that idea.

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