Will these veterans make some noise in Shanghai next month?

Many people usually focus around the young superstars attending the League of Legends World Championship. But this year, there’s plenty of veteran talent heading to Shanghai to compete for the Summoner’s Cup. The oldest players at Worlds 2020 are FlyQuest’s top laner Colin “Solo” Earnest and TSM’s star AD carry, Doublelift.

Both Solo and Doublelift are 27 years old, and are the veteran leaders of their respective teams. They also had pretty good seasons in terms of stats during the 2020 LCS Summer Split, helping push their teams to new heights.

FlyQuest had a record year as an organization, having reached the LCS Finals two seasons in a row. Although they failed to win the North American title in both matchups against Cloud9 and TSM, their efforts this year cannot be ignored.

Solo wasn’t even on a team at the beginning of 2020 and was only subbed onto the starting lineup over V1per late in the spring. His contributions to FlyQuest’s playoff run earned him a permanent spot on the roster, though. This past split, Solo had the second-highest KDA of any top laner, 119 assists, and some great early game laning stats.

Meanwhile, Doublelift helped TSM return to the LCS throne this past summer. The roster had its share of issues through the season, and they even got swept by Golden Guardians in the first round of the playoffs. The veteran ADC didn’t have the greatest performance in the postseason, but he finally locked in during their final series against FlyQuest.

While this will be Solo’s first World Championship appearance, this will be Doublelift’s sixth Worlds tournament of his career. He hasn’t missed Worlds since 2015, but he hasn’t been able to pass the group stage at all throughout those five years. Could this be the year that TSM and Doublelift get through to the knockout stage of the World Championship?

Catch all the action when Worlds begins on Friday, Sept. 25.

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