A sneak peek at a few team compositions that are coming with Gizmos and Gadgets.

Academy is back on Tacticians, so stow your hoverboards, weapons—and would you please stop drinking that Chemtech concoction—cause we’ve got a new set to get into! It’s been about two weeks since we officially announced Teamfight Tactics: Gizmos and Gadgets during Worlds—very hype, I know, so by now you’re probably ready for a big drop of info.


The World of Gizmos and Gadgets

Throw everything you know out the window—and now pick it back up, cause we may be able to put that in the Hexcore. What’s a Hexcore you ask? Well, it’s where all your Hextech Augments go! And if you’re wondering about those it may be stay tuned for more info about Gizmos & Gadgets!

But today’s overview is all about champions and traits, so let’s get into some of the brilliantly insane comps vying for power in Gizmos & Gadgets!


The first new trait we will cover in the upcoming Gizmos & Gadgets. With Academy (2/4/6/8) knowledge is power, but the question is, how do we get this knowledge? Gathering knowledge is easy, you just constantly expose yourself to new ideas, vet your sources, and trust science—oh wait, you wanted to know how the Academy trait gets power… It’s pretty similar actually, Academy champions gain bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power that’s amplified each time an ally casts an ability.

In our most studious composition, we’ll be running all seven avid learners and are hoping to get an Academy Emblem, or Augment that’ll take us to 8!

Studying can be hard, but with this comp we’ll skip the second half of the book to focus on slow-rolling, starring up Garen, Graves, Katarina, and another Protector or Twinshot to amplify your low cost carries. But just cause you can play the Academy comp as a reroll comp, doesn’t mean you can’t fast 8 to take advantage of Lux and Yone. These two carries have unique ways to access backline threats with their powerful abilities.


These tormented experiments and demented experimentors are dead set on setting your opponent’s health bar to 0. Upon dropping below a health threshold, they kick things into overdrive, gaining damage reduction, Attack Speed, and regenerating a percentage of their maximum health each second. As you add more Chemtech champions to your army your trait breakpoints (3,5,7,9) add to the duration of this effect.

Here’s the roster of monsters making monsters:

The more Chemtech champions you run, the longer the buff’s duration will be. With healing that scales with a champ’s max Health, Chemtech can make super tanks even more super. But Chemtech doesn’t just give you a frontline that can keep fronting, it also gives protection to the backline carries of the trait.


One of our most ambitious traits yet, Mutants will adapt and change every game. The Mutant (3, 5) trait randomly takes one of seven forms for the entirety of the game. During the same game, all players will play with the same activated Mutant trait. The specific trait benefits might look familiar, but that’s just because the champions of this trait learn from the past to adapt to the future!

Each of these traits still activates at 3 Mutants and evolves to improved versions at 5. Here are the possible mutations for Mutant:

Depending on what Mutation is active for the game, you should pick and choose what mutants you’ll be running as a carry from this roster:

Running Mutants requires you to adapt each time you play it. Success will be found when you concentrate on multiplicative benefits, such as having a Metamorphosis game and focusing on building super tank carries like Cho’Gath and Dr.Mundo.


Oh does fortune favor the bold with this trait. Running 3 Mercenaries gives you a treasure chest on your bench that opens when you win against a player. At the start of each planning phase you’ll roll two dice to add more and more loot to your chest. The longer you go without opening the chest, the luckier the dice get. If you hit 5 Mercenaries, the dice will get even luckier! And hitting 7 Mercenaries will make winning combats roll a third golden die—it’s a roll die or die game at 7 Mercenaries.

Here’s your high-rolling guns, swords, and golden idols for hire:

With this trait, getting an early Mercenary 3 into an Augment that counts towards the trait is a certain recipe for a reaction VOD worthy of fetching the camera.


Sure they look a bit scrappy, especially that laughing fuzzbucket Ziggs, but have you seen what they can do with all that trash? At the start of combat, a number of incomplete item components scaling with trait breakpoints (2,4,6) on Scrap champions turn into ephemeral full items for that combat. Scrap champions also gain a health shield at the start of combat that grows with each item equipped in your army.

Let’s see what junkers are ready to scrap:

This one uses a conentstack image of the mercenaries so we can’t get the high-resolution version

Dedicating yourself to 6 Scrap successfully requires planning ahead. At 6 Scrap all item components on your Scrap champions become completed items at the start of each combat, and the Health shield is doubled!


 At 3 Yordles, you’ll get a random free Yordle on your bench after each player combat. And at 6 Yordles, Yordle mana costs are significantly reduced. But there’s also something else happening with this trait… something so powerful that I fear typing it here.

If you want access to that power, try running all of these Yordles:

Since Yordle plays similar to an econ trait, such as Draconic from Reckoning, you want to hit 3 Yordles as early as possible. Your carries for the Yordle comp are Vex, who should be played and built on the tanky side with resistances that strengthen the shields she creates, and Heimerdinger, who wants AP items and a Blue Buff, but can also experiment with things like Statikk Shiv and Giantslayer.


At 3 Innovators, you’ll get a Mechanical Scarab that projects a barrier on itself and an ally, taunting nearby enemies in the process. At 5 Innovators, you’ll get a Mechanical Bear that definitely wants to play too! The Bear’s spell causes it to surge with Hextech power, granting itself and allies bonus Attack Speed. The final form comes at 7 Innovators, and it’s something I won’t drag-on too much about, but real quickly, it’s a Mechanical Dragon whose roar fears enemies and encourages allies to deal extra damage.

Here’s a list of innovative inventors imagining Scarabs, Bears, and of course, Dragons:

Every Innovator has a role. Utilize Singed as your frontline, and Zilean to slow down fights, buying time for your mechanical inventions to take over. And if you manage to get to 7 Innovators, kick back and enjoy the success that took gears to make.


Colossus champions are bigger, more powerful, and take up two slots in your army. Having just one of them will make it so all colossus are immune to crowd control effects, but adding another big guy will also grant them significant damage reduction.

Here are your three Colossus units (that count as six):

To effectively field Colossus champions you’ll need to level, level, level. Lucky for you there are a couple of Augments that can help you get the much-needed XP. And when you do power level, adding an additional Socialite, can give one of your carries more POWER.

Jinx: Sister Scrap Twinshot

 Jinx’s ability has her riding a rocket into the sky, then come crashing down near the center of the most enemies dealing magic damage. Of course, she’s not done yet; Jinx will then leave a zone of destruction at the epicenter of her landing. That zone burns friends and foes remaining inside equal to a percentage of their max health. The zone will stay for the rest of combat.

Jayce: Enforcer Transformer Innovator

Jayce has his own unique trait as well: Transformer. The transformer allows Jayce to switch between Hammer and Cannon form depending on where you position him, which should reflect what role you need him to play in your comp (Melee = Tank while Ranged = Carry).

Put Jayce on the frontline to activate his Melee form allowing him to swipe his hammer twice before slamming it down on his foes, shredding their resistances. If you’re placing Jayce in the frontline be sure to give him some tank items in addition to more versatile items like Hand of Justice that will be good on both Melee and Ranged form in case you need to swap throughout the game. Speaking of swapping forms, Jayce’s Ranged form allows him to deploy an acceleration gate, granting allies in the same row bonus Attack Speed and empowering his next three attacks with electricity.

Yuumi: Academy Cuddly Scholar

Yuumi’s ability, Final Chapter, launches waves towards the furthest enemy, each dealing magic damage and stunning enemies for 0.5 seconds. But that’s not Yuumi’s only trick. As the true principle of the Academy, Yuumi has her own unique trait, Cuddly. Cuddly allows Yuumi to attach herself to her nearest ally at the start of combat, granting the ally a shield equal to a portion of Yuumi’s maximum health. When the shield breaks, Yuumi will detach and after a short time on her own, she’ll look for the lowest Health ally to attach to—all in the pursuit of chin scratches! While attached Yuumi is untargetable and can’t attack, but gains mana per second, and mana whenever the ally attacks. Yuumi’s an awesome addition to the Academy roster and a great substitute teacher for history class, but she’s not the only 5-cost cat joining the TFT roster—more on that next!

Tahm Kench: Bruiser Glutton Mercenary

Tahm Kench’s unique trait, Glutton, allows you to feed a unit to Tahm Kench granting him permanent bonus stats once per planning phase. The more valuable the unit you feed to Tahm Kench, the bigger the bonus. To uninhibit the ribbit, hover a unit over Tahm Kench until his mouth opens, then release—just don’t choke the croak.

Tahm Kench’s ability, has him devour an enemy unit, storing them in his belly for a brief duration dealing magic damage over the duration. During this time, the devoured unit is invulnerable to other sources of damage and Tahm Kench takes reduced damage. If the enemy unit dies inside—like you during the first line of this section—Tahm Kench will spit out a random item component they were holding, or the cost of the unit in gold. Otherwise, he spits them towards the farthest enemy, briefly stunning targets they impact.

That’s all there is for now! Hopefully, this gets you as excited as we are to create your own inventive comps with some of the traits and champions discussed here.

Here’s a brief overview of everything we covered so far in a neat cheat sheet of Traits and Champs coming in Gizmos & Gadgets!

For a high-resolution version of Gizmos & Gadgets Cheat Sheet, please click here.

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