After what seemed like an eternity, Yone was finally set to join the League of Legends as the next champion to hit Summoner’s Rift. Riot Games also unveiled the comprehensive kit of the swordsman, and it looks like a deadly adversary, who chops everyone in their way.

Yone has plenty of abilities to help players slip their opponents while encouraging them to survive long team fights with a quick, battle shield. His kit is going to remind some of the League fans of Yasuo, who is his brother in the game.

Abilities of Yone in the League of Legends

Check out all the talents of Yone here:

Passive – Way of the Hunter

Yone uses two blades, doing more magic damage per second attack. His significant strike chance has also doubled, but his critical strikes have that damage.

Q – Mortal Steel

Yone steps forward, doing physical injury to the competitor. He wins a stack of Gathering Storm on the hit. At two piles, Yone will push ahead with a wave that makes the enemy airborne.

W – Spirit Cleave

Yone bleeds forward in a full circle, dealing with a component of the target’s overall strength. After successfully attacking the enemy, Yone also wins a temporary shield. The shield’s strength increases per champion hit.

E – Soul Unbound

Yone may become his Spirit Form, speed up his flight, and leave his body behind. Once Yone’s Spirit Form comes to an end, he must shrink back into his body and deal with a ratio of all the harm he has done while in Spirit Form.

R – Fate Sealed

Yone hits all the enemies in his direction, stumbling behind the last enemy strike, and knocking all the airborne to his side.

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