Everything you need to know about our newest Tacticians, Chibi Champions!


Hello everyone! Today we’re going to cover the new addition to Teamfight Tactics’ Little Legends roster, the Chibi Champions! Making their debut on the Convergence is Chibi Ekko, Chibi Jinx, and Chibi Vi!

Chibi Champions are similar to Little Legends, with a few differences. First off, Chibi’s are purchasable directly from the store for 1900RP. That’s because they don’t come from eggs, but it’s currently unknown where they come from. They also won’t join you in ARAM games, because giving an Ekko a Chibi Ekko to echo their movements would be confusing. And once you do get one, or all three, you won’t need to spend Star Shards to level them up, cause they’re already stars – they don’t have 2 or 3-star variants.

Chibi Champions are packed with special features such as their own boom animations.

Like the fun, TFT-y versions of their Runeterran counterparts, Chibi Champions also come packed with personality, sporting some of our coolest dances, taunts, and laughs to date. Jinx and Vi unleash their inner angst on their very own punching bag bot, while Ekko and Jinx perform chibi-fied covers of their favorite songs. We won’t spoil everything, so you have to find out these interactions yourself.

And that’s it! For more information regarding TFT check out this article about the upcoming game mode.

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