Hello again Summoners.

Today we are introducing the master of blades and one of the few true ninjas in the whole League of Legends game ZED.

Zed is a mele champion who’s known by his abilities to deal tons of damage with his shadows.  Using his ability to engage enemy champions from almost impossible situations, and not allowing the possibility for them to flee is the real deal.

At the same time his ability of using his shadows can be a great escaping tool of any possible gank, stun and even opponents ultimate abilities, what makes Zed a highly mobile champion. His mobility can be also used as great ability for him to get out of the ongoing battle and come back and strike again in no time. This champion has energy and that makes him a great pick for every player that wants  to be the teams assassin and a pure damage dealer.

Zed can be played as top laner, sometimes jungler and most of the time as mid laner.

Let’s now see Zed’s passive and his four deadly abilities.



Contempt for the weak is Zed’s passive.

This ability gives Zed the possibility  to deal all the way up to 10% magic damage of the maximum health left on the enemy champion just by hitting them with basic attacks every few seconds .

NOTE: The passive is used to a champions that are below 50% of their full health.



Razor Shuriken is an ability where Zed throws his blades in his enemy opponent dealing pure damage.

Razor Shuriken can be used In combined with his second ability Living Shadow where his shadow can throw blades too, dealing additional damage.


Living Shadow


Zed’s shadow dashes forward and he stays in place for a couple of seconds, if he activates living shadow In those seconds when this ability Is activated Zed can swap places with his shadow.

This ability can sometimes make Zed’s opponents look silly when they are trying to engage him.

This means that Living Shadow Is a great ability that can be used as an escaping tool, making him one of the mobile champions in this LoL game.



Shadow Slash is the third ability Zed uses to deal damage and to slow his opponents, while restoring energy at the same time.

Shadow Slash makes Zed and Zed’s shadow both to spin their blades

This deals damage to Zed’s enemies and the additional shadow that Zed activates and dashes forward can slow them for about 1.5 second. Also, let’s mention the fact that every hit from the slash lowers the cooldown of living shadow by 2 seconds.



Death Mark is one of the deadliest ultimates in the whole League of Legends game.

This ability makes Zed one of the best pure damage dealers  and someone from whom many players fear.

By using Death Mark you  are in a position to kill most of the champions in the game.

With Death Mark, Zed marks the enemy champion and dashes to him from behind being untouchable for 0.7 seconds he leaves one of his shadows at the cast place lasting for about 6 seconds, giving him the ability to swap places and escape after he engaged and dealt enormous amounts of damage to his opponents.

After 3 seconds of his ultimate Death Mark triggers again, dealing physical damage plus percent of the psychical and magic damage dealt while the attacked enemy was alive.



Many times players pick Zed as a top lane champion. Although Zed is a great champion that can deal great amounts of physical damage with his abilities, sometimes can be squishy against the more tanky champions in his lane.

For example, let’s mention these three: Nasus, Shyvana and Jax with his ultimate too.

His passive, Living Shadows and Shadow Slash can provide the damage needed to poke the opponent’s champion and at the same time to collect the farm and gold needed.

These abilities can also help him to get back and espace from possible gank, come back and strike with his Ulti and again swapping with his shadow leaving the enemy jungle behind.

To kill or catch Zed you first got to wait for the perfect moment. In the time the Living Shadows disappears you got to strike, at that time Zed has no escaping ability available and the only thing he can do is to run.

One more thing you will need to take a note is his ultimate, which he may use in this situation.

This will buy him time while waiting for his Living Shadows re-charge.


Zed is mostly played as a mid champion because of the fact that he coutners big champions like Katarina, Orianna, Fizz, Yasuo and other.

As I said when I talked about playing his role on the top lane, Zed’s passive, Razor Shuriken, Living Shadows and Shadow Slash are all parts of his ability and skill package that creates him the opportunity to poke and get farm easy.

By poking your enemy you may deal significant damage and slow their farming process.

Use your Living Shadows to and dash your shadow forward  while throwing Shuriken blades to your enemy, then swap places with your shadow and use Shadow Slash to deal plus damage.

After this you can swap again while using Shadow Slash again to slow your enemy, if you think you can finish your enemy, use your Death Mark as your last killer strike.


Zed’s ability tools and his mobility make him a great pick with whom you will rule the jungle.

Having a great jungler in your team is one of the most important facts in the game of League of Legends.


This is a simple formula that Zed is able to achieve.

By using Zed as a potential jungle ruler you will engage very fast providing your team great assistance in their lanes, At the same time not allowing the enemy to flee back by using your ultimate Death Mark as a great ability for finishing your enemies.

Also Zed as a highly mobile champion can poke the enemy jungler by using his Living Shadows, Razor Shuriken and Shadow Slash in the enemy jungle.

NOTE: Don’t get too cocky with your  Living Shadows swaps because you can put yourself in the possibility of getting caught by a champion in the near lane.


So that would be all for today folks.

Hope you enjoyed once more.

Till next time you better know that:

‘’ The unseen blade is the deadliest”






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