Welcome to our very first champion build guide.
We are starting from Jax the Grandmaster at Arms.

Starting Items

First of all you should start from Hunter’s Machete and Refillable Potion then upgrade E.
Just hit blue or red buff before you press E.
It is better to use E when you got hit 1 time in the farm site because it will regenerate your health too before the end of E.
There’s a lot of difference when you press E and attack the jungle monster.
Simple difference matters.

Important Items

After you Finish Blue or Red Buff, It is better to do farming because jax is not good at early game.
Just play safe and Build your Important Item which is Stalker’s Blade – Bloodrazor and Hextech Gunblade.
Well you’re only mission here is Solo Boron at Respawn time.

If you build up those two item smoothly and early baron you’re guaranteed to win.


How about the other builds?

It all depends on the enemy.
If the enemy has lots of Crown Control, I’ll prepare to build Tank Cooldown Reduction items.
Why? because Jax can even deal damage without building a lot of damage items.
A Tanker with a lot of damage sounds cool right?

When will you build the attack speed type?

If you’re already winning and the enemy team has no Crowd Control.
And you’re very confident that all the enemy are scared of you.
If the enemy team has lots of Attack Damage type preferably Melee type.


I always use domination as a jungle role.

Choose Hail of Blades  or Electrocute if you want a burst type Jax.

Sudden Impact is still the best option it Synergizes with your Q.

Eyeball Collection for best late game win rate.

Ravenous Hunter is the most important runes it Synergizes with your All Spells even if you don’t build lifesteal item.
And you will not die in jungle and better fighting survivality.

Secondary Runes

Choose Precision

I go for Legend Alactricity for better late game winning too and fast baron.

Coup De Grace so you can surely kill weak champions or low health ones.

Attack Speed for better and fast farming.

Adaptive damage for better farming ang fast farming.

Armor for survivality in jungle.


Jax is a god type of fighter champion specially with attack damage melee type champions, But if you missed your 3rd skill you’ll deal a lot of damage to yourself so be careful when using it.

Jax is also good in Mage type champions just make sure that don’t be tilted in Early Game.

Importantly Enjoy the Game.

Let me know if you have more questions in the comment section.
Hope to help you more in the future.

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