Calling all blades.

League of Legends’ popular K-pop group K/DA will be debuting a new song on-stage at the 2020 World Championship, Riot Games announced today.

Toa Dunn, the head of Riot Music Group, revealed during the Worlds 2020 media preview that K/DA will be performing a new song at the tournament with a special guest appearance by rising musical sensation and rumored future League champion, Seraphine.

There’s been much discussion around Seraphine after a leak revealed her as the next champion to release following Samira, the Desert Rose. A mysterious social media account then surfaced that was supposedly run by an up-and-coming musical artist named Seraphine

The singer had Twitter and Instagram accounts, complete with selfies and photos that she had “taken” herself. She also had a SoundCloud where she’s dropped two tracks. One was a cover of “Childhood Dreams” by ARY and another was a cover of “POP/STARS” by K/DA.

Eventually, she was “discovered” by K/DA, and on Sept. 4, the two groups confirmed that they’d be collaborating together. Seraphine also said she’ll be helping to produce their album, while even featuring on a track—the same track that we’ll probably be hearing at Worlds this year.

Fans should expect big things from K/DA’s second performance at a World Championship tournament and people should be excited to get a first look at Seraphine in action. Worlds 2020 begins on Sept. 25.

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