The production team is smurfing so hard.

Earlier today, the team produced another remarkable clip, this time visualizing an engage by T1’s jungler Cuzz on Volibear.

After Hanwha Life Esports took down the Infernal Drake, they were looking to run through the jungle to a safe spot. But T1’s Cuzz wasn’t going to let that happen. He took a good position behind a wall and then unleashed Volibear’s fury on them with his ultimate, jumping and surprising the entire HLE squad.

The LCK production team continues to produce high-quality content that shows League fans just how intense these matches are. A couple of weeks ago, the production team visualized an intense duel between Lee Sin and Trundle.

The LCK production team has been on top of its game since the inception professional League in Korea. It’s released great season intro videos, hype videos, and game recaps. League players all around the world remember the hype videos from the early seasons of OGN and LCK still to this day.

These snippets could even be giving fans a sneak peek at the potential visuals for the upcoming League-based fighting game, codenamed Project L. If these clips satisfy your fighting-game desire, then you’ll likely want to play Project L as well whenever it’s officially released.

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