The fourth seed of LPL lives to fight another day.

LGD Gaming won the nail-biter tiebreaker game against the LJL’s V3 Esports to keep their League of Legends World Championship hopes alive today. The fourth seed from China was seen as a monster who would easily sweep their opponents during the play-in stage, but after losing to three regions yesterday most fans lost their hope.

LGD came back strong today by picking up their first win of the play-in stage against V3 Esports earlier. That win kept them in the tournament and allowed them to have a tiebreaker game with V3 Esports later on once again.

Jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho picked up the carry cape in the decider game with a magnificent performance on Graves. His early game domination allowed his team to snowball and secure the first crucial dragons. He finished the game with a 7/1/8 scoreline, completely dismantling the enemy team.

The game was going into LGD’s favor thanks to Peanut. A teamfight for the fourth dragon sealed the deal for LGD, who picked up four kills and their third elemental drake. Following this teamfight, LGD became unstoppable and V3 couldn’t deal with their carries, eventually losing the game.

LGD will face the third place team in Group B, Rainbow7, on Tuesday. The winner will advance to another best-of-five, where they’ll face the second seed from the other group for a shot at getting a slot into the group stage.

Tune in on Tuesday, Sep. 29 to see if LGD can keep up the momentum going and get revenge against Rainbow7 to maintain their Worlds hopes.

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