It’s time for the pros to add a champion to the available pool! The Bashful Bloom should enter the League of Legends European Championship within two weeks.

As stated in the League of Legends European Championship rules, “Champions that have only been available on live servers for one week will be automatically banned.” On the other hand, a new champion cannot be made available if a Competitive Week has already started.

These provisions — which are nothing new since Sett had suffered the same fate — aim to ensure that professional players have the time necessary to learn to play the champion and find compositions in which he excels.

In this regard, Lillia could not be played by the pros upon its release. Introduced to League of Legends with Patch 10.15, the Bashful Bloom took her first steps into the Rift midway through LEC Week 6.

Therefore, and by adding the two rules mentioned above, Lillia will only be made available in LEC from Week 8.

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