It’s been a couple weeks since VS. ended and Yasuo supporters the world over basked in the blazing glory of a chaotic reign.

That’s right, an era of darkness is here. And so, we shared one of two possible endings: the one where Dawnbringer Riven falls to Nightbringer Yasuo’s blade.

Enjoy your reign, Chaos followers. And to my fellow Riven supporters, we know how the world truly should have been reborn. Here’s the alternate ending we had in preparation of a Dawnbringer victory.

Dawnbringer Riven establishes a reign of order

Both endings may not have been as decisive as you’d expect. The last line of each ending reaffirms the prophetic first page of the comic: There will always come two.

Despite Chaos’s win, one cannot exist forever without the other. Nightbringer Yasuo may have won this epic battle, but the war between these two forces will continue once more, perhaps in other forms…

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