Cosmetics-filled Masterwork Chests are now available in the store for 165 RP and in the following bundle sizes:

1 Chest and Key Bundle – 225 RP
5 Chests & Keys + Bonus Essence! – 1125 RP
10 Chests & Keys + Bonus Set! – 2250 RP

What’s in a Masterwork Chest?

[table id=11 /]

Bonus drops

[table id=12 /]

Go to the Hextech Crafting Player Support Page to see the full breakdown of the loot tables and learn more about the special rules that govern hextech crafting.


*Gemstones have a chance of dropping as a bonus alongside normal chest content. Gemstones have light “bad luck protection,” so you can’t go more than 50 boxes without getting a gemstone. Together this results in a 3.6% chance of getting a gemstone. Gemstones can also drop from bonus chests, bringing the overall drop rate up to 4 percent.


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