All-Stars voting has wrapped up thanks to the millions of people who turned out to throw their support behind their favorite players. These are the regions and players which will attend the 2016 All-Stars Event in Barcelona, Spain which begins on December 8th!

It’s a clash between Team Fire and Team Ice as the elements battle to determine whether it’s hot or it’s cold. This is the exact kind of scenario Katy Perry wrote her song for! Let’s meet the players and see what each region’s representatives brings to the table.

Team Ice


Top: sOAZ (23.3%)*

Jungle: Jankos (38.3%)

Mid: xPeke (35.2%)

ADC: Rekkles (43.1%)

Support: Mithy** (18.1%)

At a glance:

*This is the percentage of votes the player received.

**Mithy replaces Yellowstar (34.7%), who declined to participate.


Top: Ziv (66.1%)

Jungle: Karsa (49%)

Mid: Maple (48.6%)

ADC: Bebe (56.1%)

Support: Albis (43.4%)

At a glance:


Top: Mouse (24.3%)

Jungle: Clearlove (49.6%)

Mid: We1less (27.4%)

ADC: Uzi (51%)

Support: Mata (34.5%)

At a glance:

Team Fire


Top: Smeb (56.5%)

Jungle: Bengi (46.3%)

Mid: Faker (82.6%)

ADC: PraY (51.9%)

Support: Madlife (47.4%)

At a glance:


Top: Impact (41.7%)

Jungle: Reignover (36%)

Mid: Bjergsen (66%)

ADC: Doublelift (35%)

Support: Aphromoo (55.3%)

At a glance:


The International Wildcard regions will determine their participants at the International Wildcard All-Star Event, which takes place from December 1 to December 4. Those five players will round out Team Fire.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the profiles and content we’ll be releasing ahead of All-Stars, including the 1v1 tournament bracket. Let us know if your vote helped your favorite players win!

Remember to tune in to the 2016 All-Star Event on December 8 to follow all of the action live from Barcelona.

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