Last weekend, KlikTech was thrown out from the European Masters by MAD Lions E.C. However, with their utterly amusing play-style and dynamic range of strategies they’ve won the support from a rather big pool of League fans.

KlikTech showed character that no other Balkan team did so far in an European competition. They have managed to dominate the first game against the legendary roster of Origen, as well as to win a Bo3 series against Misfits Academy. They’ve shined as a team, and they’ve shined as players. With the way they’ve played the games, the Balkan boys let us know that they are material for greater competitions and achievements.

Because of these reasons, we’ve conducted a brief interview with one of these magnificent Balkan Boys – Aljoša “Milica” Kovanđič.

Milica is the current mid laner for KlikTech, whose solo outplay against Froggen was one of the biggest highlights of the European Masters. We used this occasion to talk with him about his opinion on the Balkan Scene, the experience from the European Masters, as well as his plans for the future.

Milica from KlikTech
Source: Fortuna eSports

LN: Your team has finished the Esports Balkan League (EBL) without losing a single match. From the games that I’ve watched, it looked like you haven’t faced an opponent worthy of your skills in the home league. What is your opinion on the professional League of Legends Balkan scene?

I think the Balkan scene team-wise is pretty weak. There are a lot of individual players from the Balkan that are good, but they are already playing in other leagues and I don’t think they’ll ever come back.


LN: After you won the EBL, you played in the European Masters where you faced many famous players, such as Froggen and Forg1ven from Origen, or Nemisis from MAD Lions E.C. How did it feel to play against players and teams that have build up their names in the League of Legends community?

I didn’t feel anything special , they’ve just played as well as I’ve expected them to play. Maybe I was a bit nervous but that’s how I would feel on a tournament like this even if I was playing against Diamond 5 players.


LN: At one point of the tournament, KlikTech was on a 27-0 winning streak in the professional scene, until you were defeated by ExceL eSports. From that game on, it looked like everything went downhill for you guys. From your perspective – what went wrong?

I don’t really know what went wrong.  We just trolled the draft in the first game against ExceL [eSports] (laughs). In the second game we had decent draft, but we didn’t manage to play around it. We had Karma on mid and we planned to play around bot, but we had some random deaths and clownfiesta Baron calls. The third game we were kinda on a timer, we had to finish the game before 36 minutes, so some players panicked and we kinda threw the lead we had.


LN: What have you learned from the European Masters? Do you see yourself coming out of the tournament as a stronger player?

As an individual – probably not. As a team player - for sure!

KlikTech winning the eSports Balkan League
KlikTech won Season 2 of the eSports Balkan League.
Source: Fortuna eSports

LN: Were there some opponents that you have faced either in the EBL or at the European Masters that intimidated you with their play-style and skills?

Not really. I think there were good players, but not Faker level (laughs).


LN: Can you tell us something about your teammates? Who do you feel most comfortable playing with and why?

Probably Nikola. He’s chill. I like players who don’t know how to tilt. Hmm… As for the rest, I can just say that they are pretty good teammates to have.


LN: Finally, what are your ambitions for the future? Do you see yourself playing in the LCS, or even at MSI or the World Championship some time from now?

It’s hard to think about LCS and all the other competitions. They are still far away from me, but I hope I’ll be there one day.


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