Greetings Summoners!

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  1. Counter Logic Gaming (4-6)

    CLG are still living up to their name: Counter Logic. After winning the NA LCS Spring Split and being a runner-up at MSI Shanghai (lost to SKT T1) they are mediocre at best this split. Darshan gets caught a lot early and proceeds to tilt the whole game, Xmithie is again incosistent, and Huhi’s champion pools is Ryze and Vladimir. Stixxay is slowly loosing the attribute “Doublelift’s successor” and after his godlike performance at MSI his form went downhill. Aphroomoo looks solid on certain champions but if you push him out of his comorft zone he will obviously struggle. I am very excited to see how will CLG finish this split.
  2. Apex Gaming (4-6)

    Apex’s coach Saintivicious said before the Summer split that this team is easily a top 2 contender. Well, the first half of the split they have shown us that their coach is wrong. It looks like that every time this team wins they are getting carried by the magical cheese pick from their toplaner Ray – Full AD Jarvan IV. They play a solid early game every time but fail to transition it to the mid game and proceed to loose the game. They look like a middle of the pack team in the NA LCS right now. Shrimp plays very inconsistently and has to improve as soon as possible. Keane and Xpecial look like the shadow of the player they once was and Apollo had some nice games but nothing special this split. It will be interesting if they manage to snap a spot into the playoffs.
  3. NRG eSports (3-7)

    NRG eSports hold the 8th place in the NA LCS right now. After a mediocre Spring Split they added 4 new players and tried to build a roster around their midlaner GBM. Quas didn’t live up to the expectations, even a mediocre Santorin has a downfall since his days in TSM, KiwiKid is well, KiwiKid and Ohq is maybe the biggest bust this split. Also, GBM isn’t playing as good as he played last split and the whole team didn’t mesh very well and they are looking to avoid playing relegation matches.
  4. Echo Fox (1-9)

    Echo Fox currently holds the 9th position in the NA LCS. After they bootcamp in Korea they decided to keep the same roster. Sadly, everyone at Echo Fox expected kfo to improve a bit faster and Hard looks like he is still adapting to playing on stage. Froggen is upper middle of the pack in the NA LCS right now but he can’t carry the team. Big looks very inconsisten and Keith just didn’t live up to the expectation as the #1 rank in the NA Soloq. They are looking like a relegation team right now and if they don’t pick up the pieces and improve their macro play soon, they might get relegated easily bcs the Challenger scene looks stacked in NA right now.
  5. Phoenix1 (1-9)

    Phoenix1 got their first Bo3 win this week as they finally started to look like a team that should deserve a place in the NA LCS. Before the split they were clearly aware that the team isn’t looking very good compared to other teams and that they all should start improving very fast. Also their new Coach, Charlie (Ex. Cloud9 coach) said that the team is used to loosing which is not a very good morale boost for the team. Their ex. TiP players Pirean, Mash and Gate didn’t improve anything since last split which should cause concerns at the P1 staff room. No magic was expected from their toplaner Zig as he didn’t show any. Their jungler Zentinel is the only one looking like he could carry the team if he really steps up, maybe gets an early lead and tries to snowball the game from there.They are seriously looking like to face the 10th place.That was part 2 of the NA LCS Summer split standings. In the next two days we will bring you the EU LCS.

    Stay tuned and good luck, have fun on the Fields of Justice!

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