We are getting new bee skins! This isn’t a shocker since we were told Bee skins were coming in 2022.

Bee skins are coming back to League of Legends! In the 2020 teaser stream live, we got a glimpse of the upcoming skins, so this isn’t a big shock, but now we know which champions will receive the new bee skins!

Honestly, my first reaction to these skins was to send all my coworkers the ‘not the bees‘ meme from the Wicker Man. Yes, bee skins aren’t all that fancy, but they’re cute and that’s what they’re here for, so I am hyped for them. Okay, enough ranting, let’s check out the skins!

Which Champions Will Get Bee Skins?

Four Champions are on the receiving end of Bee skins.

There are no prestige skins with this set, but are we even mad? Not really. These skins are prestige in my heart.

How Much Will The New Bee Skins Cost?

The Bee skins will be released in League of Legends Patch 12.5 which is set to come out Wednesday, March 2, 2022 according to the official Riot Games patch schedule.

Before then, we will be receiving a whole new Champion Renata Glasc in with Patch 12.4, as well as ShockBlade skins. So, you’ll have to be a bit more patient.

Which Champions Have Bee Skins?

Which Champions Have Bee Skins?

There are a few champions that already own bee skins. The upcoming four will join the following champions:

Whether Beekeeper Singed is part of the Bees! Universe is not known, but it’s another bee-related skin, so we added it to the list. Hopefully you have enough RP to pick up one of the new skins!

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