Could we be getting a glimpse at yet another champion?

League of Legends fans just got a glimpse at Yone, the next champion set to join the game’s roster. But some people have already found evidence that possibly hints at the next champ that Riot Games might be adding to the game.

In Surrender at 20’s newest PBE Update, a new emote has been added to the game’s test server. The emote consists of the simple rose graphic with a stylized “S” in the middle. Not many people were sure what the “S” stood for until new files were discovered about a mysterious character named Samira.

These other files featured similarly-styled graphics and textures of the emote, and every file found had “Easter egg” in the name. These files featured “energy rays,” embers, a rose petal, and a flame texture that might appear on screen.

In June, Riot revealed that a “thrill-seeking marksman” would be joining the champion roster in the last Champion Roadmap. The developers also asked readers if “diving straight into the fray, firing a whirlwind of blades and bullets, then hopping back out with a sliver of health” excited them.

Not many marksmen champions want to jump into a teamfight head first since they probably want to stay as far away from possible danger. This upcoming champion might throw that notion out the window, though, with a kit that encourages aggressive, up-close gameplay.

Riot also hinted at a “sensational mage” and an “ultra-heavy tank support” that will be joining League during the Champion Roadmap. As a result, Samira could be one of those champions as well.

League fans will have to remain patient and wait for official news about any upcoming champs, though. In the meantime, Yone is set to reach the live servers in Patch 10.16.

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