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General LoL Tier List for Patch 9.18

Expert picks

Mordekaiser – Top (Adam – “Moriarty”)

“Morde has been pretty close to S tier for a while now and I’m giving him the spotlight he deserves as my pick of the patch. His ability to destroy melee champions is perfect for this meta because they’re very popular in both solo lanes. His only match is pretty much just Illaoi in this regard.

Being able to send people to the shadow realm while you yell “1v1 me noob” is pretty nice but the champ also does such extreme amounts of damage when you’re ahead.  If you proc your passive you can just stand next to the person and watch it kill them on its own while you spam laugh.

I highly recommend anyone who enjoys the old school dueling aspect of top lane to try him out because you won’t need to wait until post game lobby to force people to 1v1 you.

Nocturne – Jungle  (Flaress)

“Nocturne is the best skirmishing jungler in the game since his spellshield and Fear + Lethal Tempo will win you any 1v1.

It’s a common conception that he is a hard farming jungler to 6. However, your level 3 is near the top of the list when it comes to ganking power spikes.

Personally, it feels like Nocturne is the best blind pick jungler as nobody in the game can skirmish you in the early parts of the game, especially if he gets the insane attack speed bonus from proccing his W spellshield most junglers currently struggle to beat him 1v1.

Ekko – Mid (Pekin Woof)

“We have already seen some Ekko in some professional matches (SKT) prior to his buffs so now he will be getting stronger. This champion has received back to back to buffs so we can expect him to be fairly strong on 9.18 His W cost change (30 mana level 1) means you can now spam the ability in lane from fog of war without worrying about mana.

Runes are Electrocute – Taste of Blood – Ghost Poro – Ravenous Hunter | Manaflow Band / Absolute Focus. MAX Q -> E -> W

Build path – > Corrupting Potion -> Dark Seal -> Protobelt -> Sorc Boots -> Lich Bane -> Zhyona’ss -> Deathcap -> Void/Morello

Miss Fortune – ADC (Hewitt “prohibit” Benson)

“Miss Fortune never had a one point wonder build. After maxing her Q, she has to choose between maxing her AoE slow or more DPS and mobility.

This change lets Miss Fortune get the AoE utility of her Make it Rain (E) in just one point which allows her to get the best of both worlds.

She was already close to S-tier for the normal list so think this will push her over the edge and make her an optimal pick for most players.

Miss Fortune – Support (Will “Picklepants” Burton)

“While it’s unlikely Miss Fortune will be the best support this patch, with the buffs that are coming in hot, she will become a viable support once again.

With what feels like the perfect timing for Worlds, the buff to Miss Fortune E has made her a much more potent and difficult laner to play against.

The slow increase will now cripple the slowest of ADCs, and with the large range of this ability, she will be able to poke from afar, and be able to hold her own even into the toughest of matchups.

Some of Miss Fortunes more challenging opponents are not very strong anymore or are not played as much, which makes Miss Fortune a much safer pick compared to before.

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