In the latest patch update you will find the option to pick your teams color.

Changing the color so you can be either blue or red as normal, you can do simply by going in the game menu.

rrrrSo this is what you game graphics will look like:


This is top side in normal RED color,



This is top side in BLUE color.

Beside this new color update there are some updated fixture on the DJ Sona. By typing /toggle and /g in the in game chat you will switch your DJ Sona in three different fixtures.


About the balance changes note that these are NOT official.

Now that the Bonetooth Necklace is no longer a trinket, Rengar has access to normal trinkets and in the same time, the abilities provided by the Necklace add bonuses for every kill and assist and you can see that on his buff bar.

Let’s not forget to mention the newest splash art and icon update for Katarina and Dj Sona.


ds4acYM Katarina_Square_0

Dj Sona in her Kinetic style


Stay tuned for more of the newest Patch updates throughout the week.

See you on the Field of Justice



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