Welcome back! Today we’re going to dive into Riot Codebear’s Quick Gameplay Thoughts 10/8 with both highlights and potential Improvements from Season 2021, as well as share some expectations for Season 2022! You can read the full article here, while we’re going to compress it a bit and share only the essential information. Without further ado, let’s begin!

2021 Season Light Review

Heading into 2021, we made a bunch of changes to Ranked, like improving placements for new accounts, softening season resets, and removing division promos, just to name a few. These were pretty huge adjustments, so we intentionally let the dust settle as we actively monitored the system.

Riot Codebear

Here are some highlights from Season 2021:

We also uncovered some less visible but still highly impactful opportunities for improvement:

Season Start 2022 Expectations

In 2022, the team is going to be extra deliberate in their investments for Ranked. This is because the competitive systems we have today are in highly mature states, which basically means the “big problems”, have equally “big solutions”.

For the first few iterations, some of the most time-sensitive and highest impact opportunities are going to be tackled:

And that’s it for Quick Gameplay Thoughts 10/8! If you’re interested in more information about the Preseason and Season 2022 check out this article about the state of the game.

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