Season 2021 ends November 15.

Finally, all your hard work from Season 2021 will be rewarded! Let’s get into the End of Season Ranked Rewards 2021 for League of Legends!

Ranked Rewards 2021

As always, if you placed Gold or higher this season in either Solo/Duo or Flex queues you’ll receive Victorious Blitzcrank (as well as Blitzcrank if you don’t own it yet). You’ll also get Victorious Blitzcrank chromas corresponding to each rank you hit above Gold for both Solo/Duo and Flex queues.

Ranked Rewards 2021 Blitzcrank Solo Queue
Ranked Rewards 2021 Blitzcrank Flex Queue

Additionally, everyone who finished Ranked placements in Solo/Duo, Flex, or both will receive an Eternals Blitzcrank Series 1 Permanent, a Ranked profile icon for ranks in both Solo/Duo and Flex queues, and a Ranked profile banner trim.

Clash Rewards

“Next month also marks the second End of Season for Clash, which means some Clash-specific rewards are in order. Clash rewards are based on the amount of Victory Points you earned over the course of the season, but everyone will receive a Clash Contender Icon for participating in any Clash tournament. The rest of the Clash-specific rewards are laid out for you below:

Honor Rewards

If you stayed positive in all your games, you’ll receive one Honor capsule tied to your final Honor level. Check out what’s in each Honor capsule below:

And that’s it! There won’t be any rank-specific gear in Riot Merch Store this time.

Congratulations to all on another year of salty runbacks, clutch moments, and new friends! Stay safe, good luck, and we’ll see you back on the (ranked) Rift in Season 2022!

Shio Shoujo

If you’re still trying to grind these sweet LP, consider checking out our article about patch 11.21 preview.

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