Hello Summoners!

From 5 days ago you have the unique possibility of inviting your friends to the League of Legends game.

Just by naming one or more acquaintances you can earn quite interesting awards.

Riot is giving you the possibility to get 1000 IP whenever your friend that you’ve referred reaches level 10 on his lol account.

With this refer a friend update, you can invite a total of 5 friends. 

If there are three successful referrals you will get 3000 IP and the Gray Warwick skin, and if there are five you’ll unlock Twitch’s skin Medieval.

With this update all those referrals that had been successful in the past will consider, hence if you had 5 successful referrals, now you will get 5000 IP and Medieval Twitch.

Riot made this large movement so the game League of Legends expands more and more each and every day.

So now you can start referring friends, help them learn the game as soon as possible, play with them and help them get to level 10.

It’s really all up to you.

None or five, 0 or 5000 IP plus champion skins.

Have fun, enjoy the game and good luck with the new refer a friend update.

NOTE: You can refer a friend HERE


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