The Nautilus meme is back.

League of Legends senior champion designer August Browning created a hilarious “fix” to invisible Nunu today, turning the Boy and his Yeti into Nautilus.

The Riot dev fused two fan complaints into one big snowball—the iconic invisible Nunu bug and Nautilus’ “broken” Q hitbox. As soon as Nunu casts Biggest Snowball Ever! (W), he disappears into thin air while the snowball looks like it’s being steered by a ghost. Once it hits its target, however, the Titan of the Depths emerges to sink his anchor into an enemy.

The good news is that Browning “submitted a change” for Patch 10.15 that may solve the invisible Nunu issue.

This isn’t the first time Riot devs have tinkered with Nautilus in such hysterical fashion. Several developers tested their hand at “fixing” the anchor-wielding support. Senior VFX artist Kevin “Sirhaian” Leroy increased Naut’s Q hitbox in February to take up the entirety of the mid lane.

Browning previously transformed Wukong’s decoy into Nautilus and made the subterranean champion grow from Zyra’s plants.

As scary as these Nautilus changes may have been, Riot devs were clearly poking fun at the grumblings over the support’s Q hitbox. With many Rioters still designing champs from home, be prepared to see more troll memes.

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