RNG are reaching to their fans

A representative from Royal Never Give Up, going by the reddit username of NikoRNG, published a post on reddit concerning the team’s future plans. As stated in his post, RNG have already accumulated 2 millions followers on the Chinese social networks, such as Weibo. Also, they are the first Chinese team to reach their fans on Facebook, Reddit and Instagram.

Concerning RNG’s future plans Niko has announced that they will start to regularly publish League of Legends content on YouTube, as well as making AMA sessions with the team members on Reddit. If that is true, then the Reddit community will soon be able to get first hand advice from the best AD Carry in the world – Uzi.

RNG’s achievements

As Niko reminded in his post, RNG has recently won two trophies in the span of 1 month. Just couple of days ago, they have won the local Chinese Demacia Cup. And not that long before that, they have won the second most prestige League of Legends competition in the world – the Mid-Season Invitational cup. You can read more about the finals of MSI HERE. With the Summer Split of LPL just behind the corner, this move  will most definitely benefit them. Unlike their Korean rivals who are still isolated when it comes to the West, RNG, and with that the Chinese region are making a huge improvement towards reaching and winning new fans around the world. With this opening to the world, they will most definitely gain new fans for the upcoming World Championship Series. And with that, RNG as a business organization will without doubt come out victorious.

For anyone who is interested in following RNG’s achievements here are their official social media accounts:

RNG’s Instagram profile        |        RNG’s Facebook page

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