Jaira Burns and Madison Beer will no longer be singing with the group.

League of Legends’ Shazam page shows that two new artists will be taking over for Jaira Burns and Madison Beer in the long-awaited return of Riot Games’ popular K-pop group, K/DA.

Recording artists Wolftyla and Bea Miller will be taking over the roles of Kai’Sa and Evelynn, according to the website. But it’s unknown which champion each singer will be performing as in the upcoming release of the group’s new song, “THE BADDEST.”

Don’t worry, (G)-IDLE fans—popular members Soyeon and Miyeon will still be performing in their original roles as Akali and Ahri, respectively. It’s unknown why Burns and Beer didn’t reprise their roles as Kai’Sa and Evelynn, however.

The K-pop group first started teasing their return a week ago by posting images on social media that advertised a pre-release single that will drop today (Thursday, Aug. 27) at 2pm CT.

They also hinted at a full redesign of the group’s outfits with some teaser images on social media. Ahri, Kai’Sa, Evelynn, and Akali were all sporting darker-themed clothes compared to their original costumes.

There’s even been speculation around the addition of a fifth member to the group. Seraphine, who’s been rumored to be a new champion joining League via leaks, has only recently linked herself to K/DA by releasing a cover of their hit song, “POP/STARS.”

Meanwhile, all that K/DA fans can do is wait for the official song to drop on music platforms soon.

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