During this year’s All-Star Event, Zoe was probably the champion with the highest banning rate.

People argue that the current state of Zoe is unbalanced and unfair. Their main point is that Zoe is able to quickly do a huge amount of damage without exposing herself too much. Well, we have that in other champions like Lux, Orianna, and many other mages, so how is Zoe different then?

The thing with Zoe is that besides being able to punish champions from a distance, she is able to do this very frequently due to her low-cooldown and low-mana cost abilities, thus in a skirmish, it becomes nearly impossible to deal with the just-released champion.

The fact that she can ‘miss’ her E (Sleepy Trouble Bubble) and still get rewarded for that sometimes also seems to upset players.

All Star Event: NA vs BR (Click  here to see the Clip)

Repercussion amongst pro players:

In an interview to Iven Global, even the superstar Lee “Faker” Sang Hyeok stated that “When new champions first come out, they often are pretty unbalanced. Many players have analyzed her since she came out so she has become one of the best champions. I think she definitely needs to be nerfed soon. “

Yesterday when asked about Zoe on an interview by Sjokz, Uzi said he still hasn’t figured out either how to Beat Zoe or what champions would counter her.

On the matches he played against Zoe, Uzi clearly had a hard time. He also said that is the reason why he started banning her out.

Riot Games did not say anything about these facts yet.

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