Introducing #MyStarGuardianMoment – a contest where you showcase your skills within the Star Guardian universe in League of Legends and have a chance for your epic plays to be transformed into a one-page classic manga!

The rules are simple!

Starting on the 15th of July 2022 at 6 PM BST you can start sharing clips of your epic plays on any of the Star Guardian champions in League of Legends on Twitter tagging @LoLUKN and #MyStarGuardianMoment. Submit as many plays as you want by the 7th of August 2022 at 11 PM BST to enter the competition.

We will choose winners based on how epic or funny the play is. We will announce up to four winners weekly until the end of the campaign on the 15th of August.


This contest is available to players living in the UK, Ireland or Nordics (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland) any submissions from outside of these countries will not be considered. Sorry!

What you can win!

If your play is the chosen one, there is a Star Guardian package up for grabs, including Star Guardian Champion Skins and Ward Skins!

Also, in collaboration with Nosebleed Studio, we will create a unique short story celebrating you as one of our amazing Star Guardians in the form of a classic black and white one-page manga based on the actions in your footage.

To recap, if we choose your play the prize bundle will include:

  • 1 Star Guardian Skin of your choice, 1 Star Guardian Ward Skin
  • Black and white one-page manga based on the actions in your footage

What is the submission process?

Once you have clipped your play – whether it’s an ACE with Sona, Kai’Sa avoiding all the Teemo mushrooms, or Zoe and Syndra starting a Dance Battle, submit it via Twitter to @LoLUKN, using the hashtag #MyStarGuardianMoment. All entries must be submitted between 6 PM BST on the 15th of July 2022 and 11 PM BST on the 7th of August 2022.

If you don’t tag the @LoLUKN Twitter account and use the #MyStarGuardianMoment hashtag, your entry won’t be counted, so make sure you do it right!

Also, all of our legal Terms & Conditions and more details can be found here.

Article image by Magnolia “Toffuo” Winroth. Find them at Nosebleed Studio’s website or follow their Twitter here.

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