100 Thieves signs steel to its VALORANT roster

Steel joins Hiko and nitr0 on the star-studded roster. Three down, two more to go. 100 Thieves revealed its newest VALORANT signing today, adding former CS:GO pro Josh “steel” Nissan to the roster. The announcement comes days after Chaos said the Canadian would transition to streaming full-time as a content creator for VALORANT. This is exciting news for 100 Thieves fans who […]

With the “need to be a winning team,” 100 Thieves Hiko and nitr0 are building a VALORANT roster to “perform at the highest level”

100 Thieves made major changes to its VALORANT roster last week, signing CS:GO star Nick “nitr0” Cannella and parting ways with its four former PUBG pros in the process. Now the team, led by captain Spencer “Hiko” Martin, is in rebuilding mode—and the expectations are certainly high. The team has everything in the making to be one of VALORANT’s more exciting storylines. An arc that […]

Evil Geniuses dominate 100 Thieves to move on in 2020 LCS Summer Playoffs

The heist was stopped dead in its tracks. Another day, another sweep in the 2020 LCS Summer Split playoffs. This time around, it was Evil Geniuses dominating 100 Thieves for most of the series to qualify for the second round in the losers bracket. Besides the second game of the day, Evil Geniuses looked like […]

Why the NA LCS final was a total disappointment

100 Thieves vs Team Liquid - NA LCS Spring Split 2018

How Team Liquid became the new North American champions Team Liquid has become the fourth team to ever win the North American League Championship Series. This game, for the fans of Team Liquid, is probably a great occasion to celebrate. Their team won the series with a final result of 3-0, Doublelift lifted the trophy, […]