How Team Liquid became the new North American champions

Team Liquid has become the fourth team to ever win the North American League Championship Series. This game, for the fans of Team Liquid, is probably a great occasion to celebrate. Their team won the series with a final result of 3-0, Doublelift lifted the trophy, everyone is happy. However, for the regular fan, the one who doesn’t support any team, who is watching League tournaments for the sake of the thrill and enthusiasm, this was a total letdown. And it wasn’t because 100 Thieves did not win a single match – not at all.

It was because 100T did not show any motivation to win a single match

It felt like these whole final series were just a one-sided game. In every single match. 100 Thieves made mistake after mistake after mistake. Not those types of pro-player mistakes that happen once in a while in the EU LCS, NA LCS, LCK etc., but rather the mistakes seen in solo queue matches in lower ranks. And when I say this, I do not have in mind the micro outplays like the Baron steal in game one. I have in mind the lack of understanding about basic macro-play knowledge that any pro player should (and mostly does) possess. But 100T did not show that today.

Just observe the last game. Even though 100T managed to gain an enormous lead for Ssumday, translated to some 3k gold at around 10 minutes, they yet again throwed the game. And how did this happen? By forgetting that they should play around the winning lane. A golden rule that any player who played above Platinum knows (pun unintended). And it wasn’t just this. See Meteos in that same game. At one point, he just stands there in the bottom lane, hidden in the brush, waiting for an opportunity. And even though that opportunity was given couple of times, he chose to not use it, but rather engage when it was far from obvious that that is not even close to the right time to engage. I do not claim that I have any authority to criticize any of the decisions of players who have much, much more experience than me, but can someone, who understands the game better, explain me what could be their thinking process?

I can not see of any other explanation than that this series were deliberately lost by 100T

But I do not see the reason why. Because of the Doublelift situation? But that is counterproductive – it is disrespectful. Letting someone win, not because he deserved, but because he had the motivation to play after a great personal tragedy. Do not get me wrong – I do not think Doublelift is not great, I adore his playstyle – but this is not the right way to win it. Also, I do not undermine the fact that this is only a game, and it is supposed to be fun whether we play it or watch it, but series like this one take the essence out of the game.

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