LCS Championship matches are to be held at LCS Arena in Los Angeles

LCS Championship

All matches for the 2021 LCS Championship will be held at the LCS Arena in LA instead of Prudential Center. Due to the rise of Covid-19 cases in the United States, the decision was made not to hold the LCS Championship at the Prudential Center this year. All LCS Championship matches will take place at […]

100 Thieves to start their Academy roster for LCS on Sunday

100 Thieves Academy

100 Thieves Academy will play for tomorrow’s LCS match to give the team extra time to prepare for playoffs. This is also a good opportunity for the Academy team to play on the big stage. The 100 Thieves Academy roster consists of: 100T Tenacity as a toplaner 100T Kenvi as a jungler 100T Ryoma as […]

For TSM, Worlds 2020 is a chance at international redemption

For the first time since 2017, TSM are headed to the League of Legends World Championship. The past three seasons have been filled with question marks, roster moves, and countless doubts. But at the end of a three-year drought, the newly crowned North American champions—with years of endless domestic turmoil behind them—are finally headed back to the […]

Unicorns of Love, the unofficial fifth EU team at Worlds 2020

CIS representatives Unicorns of Love qualified for this year’s League of Legends World Championship and are looking to crush their opposition after a dominant year locally. After losing only two games during the Spring and Summer Splits, expectations are high for the German organization. With three returning players from last year’s Worlds and arguably a better bottom […]

LCS 2020 Summer Split posts highest viewership numbers since 2016

Despite the ongoing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the LCS broadcast team was able to adapt triumphantly in 2020. The league boasted its highest viewership numbers this summer since the 2016 season, Riot Games announced earlier today.  Nearly 35 million (34,667,939) total hours were watched this summer, according to Riot. In turn, the LCS saw an […]

Immortals drops Altec, Gate, sOAZ, Eika, and coach GoToOne from LCS roster

The rebuild has begun for Immortals. After a disappointing year, Immortals has started to rebuild its LCS and Academy rosters by dropping four players from its starting lineup and releasing coach Adrien “GotoOne” Picard. The League of Legends team announced that it’s dropping veteran top laner sOAZ, ADC Altec, support Gate, and mid laner Eika, while wishing […]

All of the teams qualified for the 2020 League of Legends World Championship

The 2020 League of Legends World Championship is going to be a bit different this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Riot Games is still committed to seeing the show take place in September, however, with dozens of teams looking to stake their claim for the Summoner’s Cup. But first, teams need to qualify for a […]