Riot outlines PBE schedule for League’s 2021 preseason and future patches

Patches 10.21 and 10.22 will still get time on the PBE. League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter discussed the 2021 preseason in today’s dev blog. While Riot has to test out the extensive item system overhaul debuting next season, there still will be PBE time allotted for Patches 10.21 and 10.22. Here’s the PBE […]

What are mythic items in League of Legends?

“Let’s just play safe until I farm my Mythic item.” Each patch Riot adds to League of Legends is packed with new cosmetics, balance changes, and—if we’re lucky—events. Even though these three features alone are enough for most players, frequent updates are a way of life for the developer to keep competitive play in check and healthy. […]

Riot previews all 22 Mythic items debuting in League’s 2021 preseason

Early iterations of the item system will hit the PBE soon. Riot gave fans a first look at all the Mythic items debuting in League of Legends during the 2021 preseason. Today’s lengthy blog post provided a deep dive into the new items hitting the Rift, showing off 22 Mythic items and some new Legendary weapons. While nothing is […]

Mythic items coming to League of Legends in season 11

Riot introduced League players to a new mechanic coming next season. Riot Games unveiled its plans for item changes in season 11 of League of Legends today in a video detailing 2021 preseason alterations. Among these changes is the introduction of a new class of items known as “Mythic items,” a completely new concept to the game.  […]