Patches 10.21 and 10.22 will still get time on the PBE.

League of Legends lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter discussed the 2021 preseason in today’s dev blog.

While Riot has to test out the extensive item system overhaul debuting next season, there still will be PBE time allotted for Patches 10.21 and 10.22.

Image via Riot Games

Here’s the PBE schedule for the next six weeks.

This schedule will give the devs a chance to iron out any issues with season 10 patches, as well as get feedback on the preseason.

Scruffy also explained that the item system will have the “full team focus entirely on needed follow up… after launch.” Devs typically begin early work on the following year after launching the preseason patch. Since the item system overhaul is a major undertaking, however, Riot will dedicate more resources to working on potential issues and responding to feedback.

The item system overhaul includes new icons and sound effects, tweaked stat values, the removal of old items, and a new class of Mythic items that are unique to each class.

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