Patch 11.21 Preview & Dragonmancer Skins Feedback Changes!

Patch 11.21 Preview

Patch 11.21 Preview with Content!  Riot Phlox provided the Patch 11.21 balance preview: This morning I playtested the Teemo changes and dumpstered. They def feel good.  The last patch was a bit quiet but imo this one has some pretty big changes, especially in the systems. Should be a cool patch all in all but lmk how it […]

Patch 11.18 Notes

Patch 11.18 Notes

Hello everyone and welcome to huge Patch 11.18 Notes! We got a very big patch today so we’re not going to waste time at the beginning. One more thing, we tried to experiment with this one, so feel free to leave your comments down below if you like this new approach, or you’d prefer the […]

Patch 11.17 Notes

Patch 11.17 Notes

 “It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s patch 11.17! (And a new patch notes author, now that mom cat has left us for taller scratching posts!)” Hello everyone and welcome to the Patch 11.17 Notes! In this one a lot of buffs to your favorite champions (and nerfs to the not-so-loved ones), as well as some […]

Patch 11.16 Notes are finally here!

Patch 11.16 Notes

Hello everyone and welcome back to our coverage of the new Patch 11.16 Notes! This took a while due to Riot’s August break, but now we are ready to talk about the recent changes, nerfs, and buffs to champions and items. You can expect a variety of nerfs aimed at all levels of play for […]

Splash Tweaks, TFT Testing, and Balance Changes in 7/13 PBE Update!

Graves Splash

The PBE has been updated! As we continue the 11.15 PBE cycle, today’s patch includes continued Dawn of Heroes testing, splash tweaks, and tentative balance changes! TFT Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes Continued Testing Reckoning: Dawn of Heroes continues testing on the PBE! Here’s the latest changelist from Riot Mort: System Changes -Slightly lowered the odds of Elusive […]



Why dodging is a problem for League, and what we’re doing about it. Barackprobama Hello everyone and welcome to our summary of the recent /dev: post by riot games. In this article Barackrpobama, a competitive team design lead, explains why dodging is bad for the overall quality of the matches, shares some juicy data with […]

League of Legends Patch 9.22 notes – LoL News

Patch 9.22 notes

[ad_1] We’re finally one patch away from preseason AND I CAN STOP SAYING “IT’S ALMOST TIME FOR PRESEASON.” If you’re struggling to get to Gold like I am, let this also be a warning that you only have this last patch to get there, so good luck! Meanwhile, URF ends in 5 days! That’s right, […]

League of Legends Patch 9.23 notes – LoL News

Patch 11.16 Notes

[ad_1] Welcome to preseason! Hope you’re ready for some big shake-ups to Summoner’s Rift, expansions and overhauls to multiple item systems, and major work to a bunch of keystones. In many respects this is our most ambitious preseason in years, and we’re excited to see what new picks and strategies develop in a world where […]

League of Legends Patch 9.24 notes – LoL News

Patch 9.24 notes

[ad_1] Hello friends! It’s the last patch of the year! As with most patches following a huge shakedown like Preseason, we have a lot of changes and tweaks in this patch after assessing some of the initial data and your general feedback. We’ve also already adjusted the knobs on the some of the new drakes, […]

League of Legends Patch 9.24b notes – LoL News

Patch 9.24b notes

[ad_1] Happy Holidays! This B-side patch brings one more round of balance changes before the end of the year! Most of the changes will be simpler buffs or nerfs, making a champ or system stronger or weaker without significantly changing decision making. Other than those, we have some follow-up work on Drakes and Dragon Souls […]