How To Play The Jungle In Season 12

The jungler in League of Legends is a very important role and can be one of the most fun to play. Their job is to the jungle in the early game, which means they roam the jungle and farm minions instead of going to the lane. This allows them to get an early advantage by […]

How to play Samira, League of Legends’ newest champion

Become stylish with League’s newest combo-oriented champion. Samira, the Desert Rose, is League of Legends’ newest champion. As a love letter to Dante from Devil May Cry or Bayonetta from her titular game, Samira aims to satisfy players who enjoy stringing stylish combos together. Her playstyle rewards players who can space themselves between enemies properly, while knowing when to […]

LoL News Champion Guides Day 3 – Ashe

It is the third edition of LoLNews Champion Guides, and today, we are taking a look at another different champion archetype. Like Sona, this champion has been a veteran of the League of Legends scene, being one of the first champions ever released in the game. Doubling both as a sniper and a supportive presence, […]

LoL News Champion Guides Day 2 – Talon

Welcome to the second edition of LoLNews Champion Guides. In the first edition of this series, we went over Sona, the support champion known for her serene music and silence. This week’s champion is also known for being a low-key member of the League. However, silence is about the last thing you’d want when faced […]

LoL News Champion Guides Day 1 – Sona

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the first edition of LoL News Champion Guides. For this article, I would go over and talk about a champion who’s by no means a League newbie. For more than half a decade, summoners have continually witnessed her hymns that have either sent enemies packing with an unexpected shock or provided […]