Welcome to the second edition of LoLNews Champion Guides. In the first edition of this series, we went over Sona, the support champion known for her serene music and silence. This week’s champion is also known for being a low-key member of the League. However, silence is about the last thing you’d want when faced with this champion. After all, it would take nothing more than a swift second for everything to end at the hands of Talon, the Blade’s Shadow.

Talon, the Blade’s Shadow

Among the League of Legends champions, Talon is probably the one that fits the assassin mold the most. He looks the part, and he certainly plays the part. Talon’s entire kit revolves around isolating a single enemy, finishing the job in a hurry, and finally making his exit, often in a flurry of blades. Talon’s basic abilities are Noxian Diplomacy, a two-way power attack, Rake, an ability that shoots spinning daggers forward like a boomerang, and Assassin’s Path, which allows Talon to bypass walls and other piece of terrain in a show of agility. If Talon still doesn’t feel slippery enough for you, his ultimate, Shadow Assault, grants him not just invisibility but also movement speed amidst a ring of blades.

Summary of His Playstyle

Talon’s kit synergizes to encourage focusing on a single target and tossing everything you have in an attempt to quickly assassinate an enemy. This is further emphasized by Talon’s passive ability, Blade’s End, which adds a stacking buff on enemies hit. Three stacks of Blade’s End on an enemy would cause them to bleed for physical damage over time. Your goal in skirmishes would be finding the suitable target and determine the best way to approach the kill.

The key to opening up Talon’s full potential ultimately comes down to Assassin’s Path. Due to this ability, he can become one of the strongest roamers and gankers coming from mid lane, where he is usually played. In contrast to other assassins who are focused on getting kills in his lane, the Blade’s Shadow shines as a champ that rotates and applies pressure to other lanes. He is definitely no slouch when it comes to hurting others, but just as his overall theme suggests, his true worth reflects in his many ways of engaging and escaping. All of his abilities are dynamic and provide various ways for the craft assassin to enter the fray and make his presence felt. It all comes down to how the Talon player would decide the order in playing his cards.

Miscellaneous Tips:

  1. Talon’s Noxian Diplomacy comes in two forms – a dash attack or a critical strike, cast outside and within melee range, respectively. One could sacrifice flat damage in order to use this ability as a gap closer, while others would opt to go for the huge damage at the cost of finding other ways to get near.
  2. The melee-range Noxian Diplomacy resets attack cooldowns. Use this knowledge effectively when farming minions in lane.
  3. Terrain is your best friend when fighting as Talon. Assassin’s Path can be used to cut corners and deliver that lethal melee-range Noxian Diplomacy or be used as an alternative escape in lieu of Summoner Flash.
  4. Evade “ward hotspots” by creating unpredictable paths towards your target with Assassin’s Path.
  5. Make sure to keep track of which pieces of terrain are under the cooldown of Assassin’s Path and plan accordingly. You would not want to run into the face of a dead end because all nearby walls have been marked by the ability.
  6. Shadow Assault can be used both offensively and defensively. When cast in the heat of battle, the short window of invisibility can be used as an escape mechanism…. Or a way to reposition for a powerful strike of Noxian Diplomacy. The bonus movement speed and invisibility can also be used to close in on an enemy you wish to initiate with unpredictability.
  7. Youmuu’s Ghostblade is the bread and butter among Talon’s item choices. It provides Lethality, cooldown reduction, and a very handy active ability that grants movement speed. This, in combination with Shadow Assault, would allow a Talon to close the gap between him and his victim in a hurry.
  8. Talon benefits a lot from Lethality. It allows him to shred down all squishy champions that find themselves in the misfortune of being on Talon’s radar. Even bruisers sometimes find themselves at the wrong end of a fed Talon’s full combo.


Among the wide selection of assassins, it would be hard to match Talon’s efficiency in map movement. If you are someone who feels satisfaction on being able to use the environment to your advantage while carrying out quick kills, make sure to try this guy out. Mastering the Blade’s Shadow would prove to be a very rewarding endeavor once one manages to bring out his true worth.

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