The European Team Roccat has announced yesterday the Mid Laner Jin “Blanc” Seong-Min as part of their roster for the 2018 season.

Blanc has played on LCK for Jin Air Green Wings where he shared the Mid Lane spot with Kuzan throughout the course of two years.

Although he did not play a game on the 2016 LCK Split, Blanc is known for outstanding performances with Azir and Twisted Fate. Later in 2016, though, Blanc moves to France and signs with Paris Saint-Germain where he was announced as the starting Mid Laner. Paris Saint-Germain was disbanded right after the 2017 Regular Split ended, thus Blanc became a Free Agent.

Because of the fact that he did not actively participate so much in the competitive play, Blanc still wants to prove himself as a good player; In an interview, Blanc said he wants to be like Faker. Hopefully, we will be able to see what he is capable of on this next year.

ROCCAT Announcement:


Say hello to ROCCAT Blanc (pending Riot approval)! ? He joins us from Paris Saint-Germain. Before PSG, he played with Jin Air Green Wings in the LCK where he shared the Mid Lane spot with Kuzan. We had the pleasure to see his skills up close when he subbed for G2 Esports and are happy that he is on our side now.#ROCCATFIGHTING


Photo via Riot Games

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