Everything you need to know about TFT’s newest lab, Double Up!


Team Up for Double Up!

Teamfight Tactics’ new 2v2v2v2 game mode is coming to you with the second patch of Gizmos & Gadgets, patch 11.23 (Nov 17th)! All you need to play is a partner! Link this article to your friend, cause we’re about to cover everything you need to know about it!


How to Win:

Like standard TFT, the last two standing wins. Even though it’ll be displayed as two separate health totals, you and your partner will share a health pool. That means every time your partner suffers damage, you will too. The first time your shared health pool would hit 0, it gets set to 1. After that, any loss by either partner will eliminate both of you.

Assist Armory and Rune of Allegiance

In Stage 2-5 and stage 6-2, one player from each team will see an Assist Armory. Whoever sees the Armory can gift their partner things like item components and gold. The Armory on stage 6-2 will have completed items, trait emblems, and the Rune of Allegiance.

The Rune of Allegiance is given to all players at the start of the game, as well as stage 4-2, and as an option in the second Assist Armory. It’s a consumable that, when used on a champion, sends that champ and all of their items over to your partner’s board in a loot bubble. The items will become unequipped, allowing your partner to repurpose them as they see fit.

Team Reinforcements

Let’s say you’re really crushing it one round, but your partner is struggling. If you quickly win your battle that round, your surviving champions will hop over to your partner’s board after a short delay to help them out. True to their original player’s board, board-hopping champs will carry over Augment bonuses, item stats, trait bonuses, and stacks, such as Cho’Gath feast stacks. Reinforcement champions will not benefit from Augments of their new home. Borrowed champions won’t cause any damage to the enemy player.

Double Up will use the same ranking system as Hyper Roll. You’ll gain or lose points with each win or loss, climbing from Grey tier (0 points), to Green tier (1,400 points), to Blue tier (2,600 points), to Purple tier (3,400 points), and eventually, the coveted Double tier (4,200+ points).

Double up will hit PBE on Nov 2nd. After that, Double Up goes live with the second patch of Gizmos & Gadgets, patch 11.23 (Nov 17th). And sometime after its release, it’ll be taken back to the lab for tune-ups based on your feedback!

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Here’s a link to the original article.

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