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Welcome everyone to the new Teamfight Tactics 11.15 Notes! Today we’ll be covering the changes to the various existing traits and champions, covering new ones, and diving into new mechanics and items! Buckle up because it’s going to be a long one!

Teamfight Tactics 11.15 Patch notes

Teamfight Tactics 11.15 Mid-patch Updates

July 22nd, Balance Changes

 Abomination and Draconic have proven to be early risers in the Dawn of Heroes, so we’re hitting the snooze button on them to make for a more balanced first weekend of the mid-set. 

Updated Reference sheets for roster and new Radiant Items

Click on them to view in full resolution! New cheat sheets for Teamfight Tactics 11.15.

Teamfight Tactics Trait Sheet

Little Legends: The Fearless Fellowship

The Fearless Fellowship has arrived! 

“The Fellowship assembles! No longer hiding in the ground, Ironclad Molediver joined the Fellowship to put their melee skills to the test. Whether it’s protecting their loot, their lute, or their friends, Draconic Umbra’s in it to declare what is theirs! With this team of adventurers assembling, Verdant Fuwa knew they’d be safer with the healthful skills of… Fuwa!”

 “Order prevails! Order Molediver knows that they can dig themself out of any situation, but if they stumble, Order Fuwa is sure to have the best oinkment for their remedy. But some things can’t be remedied, like Order Umbra’s obsession with gold. It’s okay though, Order Umbra insists they will donate it all to poros in need… one day. “

 “Maybe Chaos is more your style? Chaos Molediver once tried to go undercover to sabotage the Fellowship. Too bad the Fellowship saw them for the Mole they are. Chaos Umbra claims they only harm those who attempt to steal what’s theirs, but what isn’t theirs? Speaking of harm… I wouldn’t talk about bacon around Chaos Fuwa.”

High Noon Squink Variants

“While the Fearless Fellowship are out on adventures and quests, High Noon Squink’s out takin’ bounties. “

 “You wanna know more about these particular Squinks? Well, to start, it’s hard not gettin’ on High Noon Squink’s bad side… cause every side is bad-to-the-tentacle. Order Squink’s a kind soul, but there’s a reason they have so many boots and spurs. Cactus Squink, well, they’re the sharpest shooter in town. And if you thought that was corny, just wait till ya meet Kernel Squink, cause surely they’ll butter you up before they make ya go POP! Finally, there’s Outlaw Squink, you better stay clear o’ them when the clock tolls, but you should stay clear when it doesn’t too.”

Teamfight Tactics 11.15 Arenas

Dawn of Heroes has two interactive arenas available in bundles and on their own. See what’s cooking at the Golden Bakery, or kick your feet up at the High Noon Saloon. See them in action by clicking on the link below to the Riot’s Top Secret Channel! 

Golden Bakery

High Noon Saloon

New Reckoning Pass II and Reckoning Pass+ II for Teamfight Tactics 11.15

The Reckoning Pass II works like prior passes; accumulate XP for free rewards. But, for even MORE rewards, you can purchase the Pass+ II for 1295RP. With the Reckoning Pass+ II, you can gain access to personalization features that are only available in this set. This includes: Little Legends, booms, arenas, and more

 And here’s what the Reckoning Pass+ II adventurers can achieve: 

All new bundles

Rise of the Sentinels

The Sentinels are struggling in their fight against Viego. Those LoL players can’t handle the Black Mist without us, so it’s time to recruit players with a pension for tactics…Teamfight Tactics.

Starting this patch there’ll be an infinitely repeating mission that awards Sentinels points for playing games, including games of TFT. And you don’t even have to run the Sentinel trait.

Note: Since we’re doing this mid-event, the missions are hidden, but the faster rate of progress should be immediately noticeable. 


Grandmaster and Challenger Ranked: Let the Race of Heroes Begin!

 Just like Festival of Beasts, Grandmaster and Challenger are unlocked immediately, allowing for the true zero-to-hero competition. Challenger and Grandmaster are still limited to the top accounts on each server, but players must have at least 200 LP in Master to reach Grandmaster, and at least 500 LP in Grandmaster to reach Challenger. Good luck gettin’ your name placed right under mine! 

Reckoning Ranked Stage II begins this patch!

Hyper Roll Tiers

New Mechanics

Radiant Items

 With Shadow Items gone, we have an all-new set of extremely powerful items, Radiant Items! 

Divine Blessing

 It’s time to bless this mess. 

Tome of Traits

 The newest consumable to hit the books, I mean orbs, can allow you to make Viego into a Sentinel or Lucian into a Forgotten. Just imagine where reading can take you? At least to the end of this sentence. 


Loot Orbs

 Removing the 4 gold low roll start. Adding more variety to high rolls with the addition of the Tome of Traits. 

The Armory

 We increased the odds of the 4-2 Armory to 100% but pulled back from 5-2 to compensate. The removal of components from 5-2 is our way of saying, “Raptors will be the last place to get components.” 

Carousel Changes

Champion Count

 It’s an odd change. There’s one less 3-cost in the set. 

Hyper Roll

New Champions and Traits

Cannoneers (2/4/6)

 Locked and loaded on every fifth shot, Cannoneer champions deal a percent of that shot’s damage in an explosion around the target as physical damage. Here’s who’s packing the heat: 

Sentinel (3/6/9)

 At the start of combat, the Sentinel with the highest Health gains a shield that grants Attack Speed each time it is applied. When the shield is destroyed or expires, it will pass to the ally with the lowest percent Health. Both the shield and the Attack Speed bonus will increase as you recruit more Sentinels. 


 At the start of combat, Inanimate champions summon Hallowed Mist that seeps through their surrounding 1 hexes for a few seconds, granting all allies within damage reduction from enemies outside of the mist. 


 When a Victorious champion scores a kill, their next attack is empowered to deal 40% of the target’s missing Health as bonus magic damage. 


 Debuting for the first time in TFT, Fiddlesticks replaces Ryze as an Abomination/Mystic, but also extends the Revenant trait tree! 


Removed Traits

 No witchcraft can rejuvenate these slayed traits. 

Removed Champions

 These champs are so last set. Wish I could say they’d be mist. 

Trait Changes

Reworked Traits

 The Monstrosity is now less of an Assassin and more of a beefcake. With Shadow Items gone, Forgotten champions are more likely to remember victorious combats than old set mechanics. 

Adjusted Traits

 With traits becoming more difficult (or easier) to hit at different breaking points, we have to make sure that each trait tier feels as powerful as it is difficult to achieve. For example, Nightbringer 8 is now incredibly hard to hit, requiring what are now componentless emblems, while also losing out on Darius. To match the difficulty of achieving Nightbringer 8, we’re making it feel like a true high-roll moment by almost doubling its power! TLDR, Nightbringer 8 should feel like a first, but trying to hit it might end up too hard to achieve. 

Champion Changes

Tier 1

 Radiant Items and the multiplicative tankiness they provide make super tanks (Garen, Hecarim, Leona, etc.) impossible to kill. This hurts the viability of front-to-back comps and takes too much time out of URF’s day. Expect to see nerfs for many of our tanks below. 

Tier 2

 Beat it like a dead horse, or a pop song. Same diff. Alright MinionsRpeople2, simmer down. 

Tier 3

 With Draconic 5 being easier to hit (thanks Galio!), we’re shipping nerfs to champions that were already strong before the trait was this easy to play. 

Tier 4

Tier 5


 With Shadow items gone we swapped around some of the Emblems because it was more fun. Cause who doesn’t want to see Olaf as a Hellion/Cavalier? 


Holy-moly that was a lot to take in! Stay with us when we review the Radiant Items next.

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