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The official League of Legends Youtube page has released the teaser trailer for Galio in his new form. Just as predicted, the champion has been built from the ground up. Instead of the floating gargoyle that we have come to know these years, Galio is now a hulking goliath of a champion that specializes in pummeling those who dare oppose him. Certainly, his new title, The Colossus, is more than fitting.

Through the trailer, one can see that he still has his wind abilities, but that seems to be one of the few remnants of the old Galio. The champion now seems to fight both as a tough bruiser and the mighty guardian who would come to your aid. For those who loved his old flashy ultimate, worry not. The AoE taunt is still there according to this comment, just not as an ultimate anymore.

Instead, the old ultimate has been replaced with the huge gargoyle making a glorious plunge to his teammates’ aid. All the while, Galio scatters and knocks down all enemies foolish enough to touch his allies.

More details to come soon as Riot prepares to release a full showcase of his kit.

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