We’re going to TwitchCon!


Friday – September 27, 2019

Come find us at the Alienware booth on the expo floor 10 AM – 12 PM PT. We’ll be giving away t-shirts, lanyards, and champion skins to League players as Voyboy streams and shows us those 200 IQ plays.

Saturday – September 28, 2019

Starting bright and early at 9:30 AM, you can watch the NA versus EU Bo3 showmatch as we prove once and for all that NA > EU. Kappa

Here are the teams representing both regions:

Wingsofdeath GoBGG
Nightblue3 ElOjoNinja
AnnieBot NoWay4u_Sir
Yvonnie CarritosKami
Natsumiii DrFeelgood

After a classic clash of the two regions, we’ll return to last year’s “Rumble on the Rift” format with a Bo3 NA streamer showmatch. Here’s who’s playing:

Boxbox Voyboy
Trick2g Nightblue3
Yassuo Shiphtur
xFSN_Saber lolTyler1
Pokimane Lilypichu

Do you prefer Teamfight Tactics to Summoner’s Rift nowadays? We’ve got just the thing for you!

Starting at 9 AM PT on Saturday, we’ll begin sign-ups for all Twitch Partners and Affiliates who want to play in the Open Qualifiers for the TFT Twitch Rivals event. Drop by for a chance to participate. The Open Qualifier events will start at 10 AM as we find the last few participants for our TFT Finals event, which starts at 3:45 PM PT on Saturday. If you’re not attending TwitchCon, you can watch the Open Qualifier finalists face off against

DisguisedToastScarraDogdogitsHafuBeccaTidesofTimeLotharHSWickdUtheneraGotagaMisterMVDeliciousMilkGGJac0b0k3sojuuFujitoraHSSoulessKeanelolDarkHydra, and YoDa on the Twitch Rivals channel.

See you at the event or in chat!

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