One will emerge victorious… the other will be consumed. Kayn is available now.

In the carnage that shall soon follow, the most deadly Kayn players can earn two limited-edition summoner icons by completing these missions:

The Shadow Path

Unlock the Shadow Assassin icon by completing the following objectives:

The Darkin Path

Unlock the Darkin Rhaast icon by completing the following objectives:

These missions will run from 08:00 PT July 12 through 23:59 PT Aug 13. Objectives can be completed in any order on any matchmade PVP mode (no AI or Custom games). Complete both Missions to earn both icons!

Learn more about the shadow and his scythe below:

Soulhunter Kayn Bundle – 1837 RP (Available 7/12 08:00 PT – 7/17 23:59 PT)

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