The Chinese representative Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao has once again taken the crown for the One vs One tournament, on this year he has beaten the North America Representative Soren “Bjergsen” Bjerg in an electrifying Best of 3.

Yet again Uzi refused to ban Zoe, which almost caused him to lose the first match. Fortunately for Uzi though, Bjergsen disrespected his Kalista and two times, tried to leap forward with Zoe’s ultimate, taking a lot of punishment and dying without using any of his summoner spells, throwing a game where he had the advantage through a CS lead.

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On the second one, Bjergsen chose to play slow and steady and went for Taliyah, the one champion that he defeated Faker with. Uzi, on the other hand, wanted to finish quickly and ensure his win going for one of the strongest champions on a One vs One: Syndra.

Too bad that Bjergsen knows pretty well the matchup, therefore,  he managed to keep the pace slow and steady, maintain a constant CS lead and win by getting 100 CS.

But Bjergsen’s  obvious mistake for this match was to not ban Uzi’s Kalista, champion which has ban banned on nearly all the matches versus Uzi, on the third game Uzi went for Kalista again and not even Bjerg’s Ryze was able to stop him. Uzi kept a consistent harass onto Bjergsen who was perpetually forced to play underneath the turret, and afterward, due to the huge CS Lead for the Chinese Representative,  Bjergsen was forced to All-In and try to kill Uzi, which also didn’t work out so well as ended up dying on a Tower Dive.

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Uzi once again conquers the Trophy for the One vs One tournament. When asked how he felt about it he answered: “I never expected I would win this again, I am so happy.”


Images via Riot Games

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